At Twin Haven every decision we make about our firm is guided by our desire to create a truly unique work place that emphasizes a balanced life philosophy that our founders believe brings out the very best in our colleagues. We believe that people thrive in their career endeavors when they feel fulfilled in all aspects of their lives and, accordingly, we foster a culture that recognizes and encourages the importance of balancing professional and personal pursuits.

The attainability of superior investment returns in a competitive world requires intensity and long hours. Even a balanced approach to life for a successful investment professional will still result in a substantial portion of that life being spent with work colleagues while immersed in stressful situations. Accordingly, we have built a culture in which these inevitable pressures can be borne while maintaining a positive attitude. The foundation to this culture lies in the mutual respect and strong personal connections we build with each other. We have always felt that a healthy sense of humor goes a long way towards maintaining the perspective that is necessary to make tough decisions. We work to make sure that every single day at Twin Haven embodies and displays these key elements to our culture.

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