Guiding Principles

Twinhaven Guiding Principles Pyramid


We believe that integrity is a competitive advantage. Integrity and consistency in our relationships and arrangements with our colleagues enables us to attract and retain a uniquely talented team. Credibility in our dealings with partners such as management teams, co-investors, lawyers, bankers, and other parties allows us to achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency in our transactions. Transparency in our communications with our clients deepens the trust necessary to mutually navigate the increasingly dynamic and challenging marketplace.


We seek to make decisions by building consensus throughout all levels of our investment organization. While fast-paced markets require our portfolio managers to be decisive, our investment process encourages input from every professional. We believe that this inclusive approach results in superior decision making.


There is no substitute for intellect. However, we tend to believe that there are many layers to what we call “practically applicable intellect.” Raw IQ is only one aspect and may not translate into effectively applied intellect unless other qualities are also present. These factors include the tremendous work ethic required to ensure that all available information is brought to bear in making decisions. Intellect must also be both cultivated and tempered by a longstanding base of experience.


Investing is, for the most part, a zero sum game in which we must compete for returns against those who, through their actions, are displaying a belief that our decisions are wrong. The complexity in financial markets has only enhanced the competitive landscape for investors. To compete effectively requires a high degree of intensity in how we pursue our investment activities. Yet, we must always balance this intensity with perspective.


Our founders, senior investment team, and our senior operating colleagues all have a substantial portion of their assets invested in the funds managed by Twin Haven. Our futures and outcomes are strongly linked to that of our clients.


Twin Haven is 100% owned by the founding partners. We value our independence as it allows us to make strategic decisions based solely on the best interests of our firm and our LPs.

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